About Me

Master Nail Technician

   Master Training Class accomplish,training  and qualification in UK and Europe, in Sculpting Nails with hard gel,acrylic gel, acrylic ,3D nail art,realistic paint, and plasticine.With Diploma in wide variety of  sculpted shapes and Eyelashes, Classic and Russian Volume Eyelashes 3D / 5D. . 

 Fully certified  in advanced techniques of sculpting in UK and Europe for hardgel, acrigel, acryl, qualification for different types of design, 3D nail art, realistic design, one stroke and plasticine design. Qualification for classic eyelashes and  russian volume eyelashes 3D / 5D .

Trainings done and qualification issue by International Trainers and Judges from Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Romania.  


     Training and qualification 

  • Certificate Webinar 2019-2020 trends nails– Luminita Ionel, International Judge – Romania

  • Certificate Almond Slim – LNB Training Centre, Luminita Ionel, International Judge – Romania

  • Certificate Complete Line Design – LNB Training Centre- Romania

  • Certificate One Stoke Basics  - Educator Tifrea Raluca – Romania

  • Certificate Master Technician – Gabriela Manole Nail Academy – Romania

  • Certificate Plastik Class – Professional Nail Academy – Italy

  • Certificate Realistic Gel Paint - KKSP Art Academy – Ukraine

  • Certificate Modern Almond (nail shape) – KKSP Art Academy - Ukraine

  • Certificate Technique – International Campus Tenerife - Spain

  • Certificate Advanced Sculpting Gel Course from Russian Academy

  • Polish Design Course ,Gel Polish Course, from UK

  • VTCT Level 3  from UK


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